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The  Future  industrial  out look  of  I.T.C
Iran  Tobacco  Company  started out its  activities  with  purpose  of  develop  internal  tobacco  industry  and  supply  inner  market  needs in  1937.
The  company  has  tried   hard  to  produce  and  sell  those  outstanding  quality  goods  in  which  considered  all  healthy  features  of  consumers  along  with  market  needs  as  well  as  possible.
The main principles  and basic foundation of I.T.C as  a  precedence  company  is  to  enter  to  international  market  . keeping  trade  market  ,  progressing  tobacco  export ,.more

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Smoking journalists in bad health, China warns
Just about all Chinese reporters are in poor health because of heavy smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, state media said on Friday. "About 97.5 percent of Chinese media workers are in sub-optimal health,
Cigarette smoking in Bulgaria - the latest numbers
Almost every second Bulgarian was a cigarette smoker, a survey conducted by the National Center for Public Health Protection in October 2007 showed. The results of the survey were published on Health Ministry's website on May 30 2008,
Graphic photo on cigarette packs has zero effect on smokers, says CAPMAS study    
The notorious picture of a hospital patient that was recently placed on all cigarette packs has not affected the number of smokers, nor cigarette sales in Egypt, a study by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) revealed.
Learning from cancer map of the world    
We think of cancer as one disease. In fact it is more than 100 different diseases, affecting all parts of the body with different causes and outcomes. The incidence varies widely across the world, influenced by diet, smoking and drinking, infection,
Antismoking Association Launched    
An antismoking association has been launched for the first time here to academically and scientifically inform people of the harmful aspects of smoking. The Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs announced Friday the launch of the association,
Republic second best for tobacco control    
IRELAND has emerged as the second most successful country of the 27 EU member states in implementing measures to reduce the level of smoking among its population. A study involving 340,000 participants across the EU,
Smoking ban could befall Bulgaria in 2010    
Smoking in public places, at the workplace and in public transportation could be banned in Bulgaria effective June 1 2010, if approved by Parliament.
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Quality Production-Optimum Sale

I, in the capacity of the Managing Director of ITC, with a new insight based on infra-structural alterations by introducing re-engineering programs in all organizational levels on the one hand, and relying on the innovation and renovation as well as attracting satisfaction of the customers on the other hand, expect to pave the way for a successful entrance into the world market and witness again the hegemony of our Golden Tombac in the Arabian Countries and the exaltation of the ever-successful name of our Bahman cigarette in the Near and Far East.
For meeting the 60-billion annual requirement of our local market, which is exclusively under our control and disposal, we welcome the proposals for investment and joint venture particularly for exportation of tobacco and tombac and importation of cigarette as well as production of foreign brands of tobacco products in our factories for local consumption and export and, for this purpose, have already concluded high volume contracts with well-known cigarette manufacturers for importation and production of their brands inside Iran and continuity of this movement as part of future plans is on the agenda of our work program.