Statics & Computer Services
More than 20 programmers, system & network planners and statisticians are engaged for running the network and software and sketching new programs for the company in respect of renovation, implementation of different programs and teaching the operators. 

Fire Extinguishing Services
More the 50 experienced fire extinguishers are engaged in three teams servicing round the clock equipped with handy and motorized instruments including capsules and three main valves in sensitive locations. Casual maneuvering will be practiced inside the factory. 

Two light weight and middle weight ambulances with six skilled personnel offer round the clock services to the employees.

Health Services
More than 15 specialists and physicians are engaged for offering hygienic services and evaluating the potential of the employees and their families. Moreover, they offer periodical services for insuring work security.

Day care Center
Sufficient space equipped with dormitory and dining hall for entertaining 20 new-born and 80 children are administered by more than 30 compassionate and experienced personnel who take care of the children of the employees in the nursery.

Separate restaurants for ladies and gentlemen with more than 60 cooks and service personnel serve about 4000 guests for lunch with different daily menus including soft-drink and dessert in finely decorated dining rooms. Partial services are rendered for dinner.

During its over half-a-century sport activities the ITC's workers could have eye-catching presence in the sport clubs and have won awards. In 2002 they had five basketball athletes. They attained the preferable cup award in mountain climbing and set up 11 camps, sitting volleyball in 2002, established number one volleyball team grade B, offshore volleyball, football, chess games grade 2, free wrestling, European wrestling, weight lifting, gymnastics, table tennis attaining grade 2 in Tehran games, traditional sports, running, karate, Kong fu, 81's championship, woo shoo, aikido, kick-boxing and comcondalin with participation of the ladies in different ages. Accordingly, welfare sport facilities including swimming pool and sauna, football ground, multi-purpose campaigns, guesthouse and conference halls all of which are active entertaining 4000 sportsmen and 40 sets of conferences and seminars during the said period.
Statics & Computer Services