The first time “Tobacco Government Monopoly Law” was approved by parliament in 1915.Then, there were some modification in the law and confirmed the rules of monopoly in order to progress its fields in 1923 and 1928. Based on the rules which approved on March1929; all imports, exports ,purchasing, selling constructing, delivering & transporting of tobacco materials along with different kinds of cigarette papers and its accessories became exclusively confined by government at all. “Tobacco Monopoly” was reinforced and “Tobacco Government Monopoly” was founded whereby the all legal rights which related to maintaining, using, applying and keeping all tobacco processing, paper cutting and cigarette making just assigned to government alone. In addition, the tobacco farmers got obligated to sell all tobacco products to government. On the other hand, the government was obligated to take possession tobacco trade-market completely. Subsequently, by providing a suitable land, equipment and facilities- the first cigarette government manufacture was founded in Tehran in 1937. “Iran tobacco Monopoly Institute” recalled to Iran Tobacco Company after transferring the all properties and debts in 1968. Fortunately, Iran Tobacco Company procures facilities and sites for processing, primary and making cigarettes which include:

- Cigarette Making Factories in Tehran (Tehran)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Rasht (Guilan)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Sari (Mazandaran)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Uromieh (West Azerbaijan)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Khoy (West Azerbaijan)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Khomeinishahr (Esphahan)

- Cigarette Making Factories in Ghorogh (Golestan)

- Re-drying Tobacco Factory in Sourak. (Mazandaran)

- Sorting, Grouping and fast Fermentation of Tobacco in Ghorogh (Golestan)

- Processing and Packing Tombac Factory in Esphahan (Esphahan)